Love is a losing game - R.I.P Amy Winehouse, 1983-2011

by - Sunday, July 24, 2011

Considering the swiftness of the news media, I think everybody reading this blog will already know of the tragedy that is Amy Winehouses untimely death. Found alone in her flat at 4pm yesterday and declared dead at the scene by paramedics who are currently stating her death as unexplained, her grapple with drugs has finally come to an end, following tremendous musical success but a personal life fraught with emotional trauma.

Its a true testament to her talent that even people outside her musical field are mourning her death: within mere minutes of the news breaking yesterday my twitter timeline was flooded with people from all walks of life and entertainment sectors discussing what a terrible waste of life it was. Say what you like about Amy Winehouse, but drugs aside, she was a fantastic lyricist and singer. Her work on "Back to Black" was seminal, making it possible for the likes of Adele, Duffy and Jessie J to experience such success themselves; in many ways, she paved the way for females in the modern music industry to write their own music about their own lives in a raw and honest way. Tracks such as "Tears Dry On Their Own", "Rehab" and of course her reinvention of the Zutons "Valerie" will stand up for years to come as modern classics.

It's just a shame really that her own writing mirrored the endless despair in her life. Inevitably, as when any celebrity dies, the ludicrously insensitive internet jokes arise, and whilst I don't agree with some of her behavioural and lifestyle choices, I think we must remember that she was an addict in desperate need of help, and nobody ever deserves to die alone, self inflicted or not. It couldn’t have been easy by any stretch of the imagination for Amy to stay on track with the media constantly scrutinising and over analysing her every move, almost as if waiting for her to relapse again. The really sad thing is that deep down, I think we were all fearful that one day this would come, a day too soon. It’s dreadfully, dreadfully tragic, and even more so that she has passed away so young, at only 27, like so many other tortured musical heroes, and in the wake of recording and releasing such a long awaited new record.

I suppose the only solace is that she can now rest in peace away from such personal turmoil and away from the judgement of the general public, journalists, or industry people who i feel sometimes exploited her just to make a quick buck. It's horrible to think that she was often surrounded by people who couldn't see how much trouble she was in or who were powerless to do anything, but therin lies the power of addiction. Hopefully, in time, people will grow to remember her for her raw talent and emotion, rather than the awful way drugs took over her life. Rest in peace Amy Winehouse, you will be missed.

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  1. I was taken aback upon hearing this tragic news. Especially due to the fact that she was so young. She will definitely be remembered as a legend.