Hadouken @ Remix Club

by - Saturday, December 05, 2009

Absolutely knackered from last night, but it was such an epic night it's well worth documenting.

Night started reasonably poorly.Despite our best efforts to arrive fashionably late, doors still weren't open, leaving me and Reema standing in the rain.Slick.Especially considering my outfit was a little less than rainproof - shorts, tights, vest and shirt.The time outside was whiled away avoiding the advances of a seemingly drunken youth with a fake id, dared by his friends to tell us he thought we were "fit." Charming of course, and completely original, yet he seemed nice enough and fairly harmless. As i say, my hopes were not high, as the crowd seems to compromise those who fitted into the "old enough to know better" category, and those who looked about 12, frantically facebooking about "how tonight's gonna be the best night evaaaa!" .Yet, i tried not to scoff, as it wasn't so long ago I would have done exactly the same thing.

Upon entry, it livened up slightly. Support group, Soft Toy Emergency weren't bad, not great but not awful.The sight of excitable teenyboppers clinging to the barrier only reiterated the point to me that I was blatantly too old for these situations.It soon came to my attention that 3 out of the 5 members of Hadouken were standing next to us, and as I tried to furtively point this out to Reema, they seemed to notice us looking, and spent a fair while trying to distance themselves from us, clearly thinking we were mad obsessives. Stupid thing was, i didn't really care that it was them? they're just people, anyway.

So we reached half past ten, with little occurring worth recounting apart from a few rowdy crowd renditions of "Ruby" by the Kaiser Chiefs, and oddly enough "Air Hostess" by Busted.But then Hadouken pitched up on stage.And the place went off.Completely.

The next hour was one of the maddest of my life.Reading had nothing on this crowd.I was punched, kicked and shoved rather unceremoniously to the ahem, dulcet tones of "Get Smashed Gate Crash" and "Liquid Lives". I spent the majority of "What She Did" on the floor, unable to steady myself enough to get up.And then during "Leap Of Faith" i found myself in the centre of a circle pit, a solitary girl being shoved about by Hadouken's lead singer himself. Priceless. Now within all of this I am conscious I am making myself appear the victim, but trust me, both me and reema gave as good as we got.Most unladylike, but there you go, I for one am proud of my moshpit prowess.

Either I'm getting too old for Remix, but throughout the whole night there was definitely an air of belligerence.Never have I seen a crowd in there so young yet so prone to go absolutely mental.I think its amazing that there's a place for these people to go, to release their obvious aggression in a positive way, by for want of a better expression, "absolutely having it".On a Friday night when you've spent the week locked up in school, working and revising, theres nothing better than a chance to go mental to some good music.I have seen Hadouken live on a number of occasions, but it seems the fluoro rudeboys have turned into hardened Prodigy ravers, particularly on new song "Turn The Lights Out". I was well impressed but their obviously improved sound and new tunes - they definitely play harder, better, faster, stronger, and just plain well... nastier.I for one will be tracking down their new album upon its January release, though I'm sure it won't be as hard hitting and visceral as their live sound.Definitely nothing like a good gig.

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